Others promise. Mitec guarantees.

We have built our organization to treat others how we like to be treated – that's the secret to our industry-leading customer retention rate of 95 percent: 50 percent higher than the industry average.

Here are the Mitec guarantees you can count on:

Four-hour response time

We’ve set a standard for quick response, and we back it up with a guaranteed four-hour response time to your emergency request for service. If we don’t arrive within the first four hours, you don’t pay for our labor for that visit. When your service demands the quickest available response, we can be there – on time, every time.

TDP guarantee

Another Mitec exclusive is our Tenant Development Program (TDP) guarantee. If we design, install and certify your installation, and a fire official requires additional work due to our design, we will perform this at no additional cost to you. No change orders... No extra charges... That's the peace of mind offered by our TDP guarantee.

Real-time reporting

Our online reporting gives you immediate notification of system discrepancies, along with applicable code references, items recalled by manufacturers and proposed solutions. That way, you have the information you need in order to make the right decisions for your business.