How we help

Property managers have multiple responsibilities and are typically working dozens of issues at any one time. They need the peace of mind of knowing their property and technology has been inspected and tested to the highest industry standards should a security or fire-related incident occur. That’s where Mitec comes in. We have invested in hand-held technology and the most advanced and broadest compliance reporting solution, which puts all your building reporting information at your fingertips via the web. We also provide advanced scheduling to give plenty of time to provide the authorities having jurisdiction with the proper compliance reports.  

Ensures and simplifies compliance

Mitec’s total family of property protection services keeps your building up to code, satisfying both insurance and fire official inspection requirements. We stay on top of constantly changing compliance regulations, ensuring you stay in compliance. Our fire inspection reports are easy to access and file with the local authorities; they confirm compliance and provide historical information to give you a detailed history of your equipment.

Real-time reporting

Mitec's online reporting provides immediate notification of system discrepancies, along with applicable code references, items recalled by manufacturers and proposed solutions. That way, you have the information you need in order to make the best decisions for your property.

High-touch and other services

Mitec's additional high-touch services make your life easier. Our Fire Drill Assistance program removes the burden of handling fire drills from property managers – we take care of it, along with delivering a presentation on fire safety. Then there's our training program, in which our field engineers train your new staff, and provide refresher training to existing staff as needed.