Safety first. Safety always.

As a building owner, nothing is more important to you than ensuring the safety of those who reside in your buildings – be they offices or medical facilities, hotels or schools. And should an incident ever occur, ensuring accurate, auditable compliance is critical. Mitec provides the maintenance services you need to save lives and decrease liability in the event of an incident.

Ensures and simplifies compliance

Mitec’s total family of property protection services keeps your building up to code, satisfying both insurance and fire official inspection requirements. We stay on top of constantly changing regulations, ensuring you stay in compliance. Our fire inspection reports are easy to access and file with the local authorities; they confirm compliance and provide historical information to give you a detailed history of your equipment.

Working for your entire organization

It’s hard to think about everyone, but someone has to do it. We understand that, as the building owner, you must delegate responsibility to the property manager, building engineer, and security department – and that each has different concerns and needs. We know that taking care of a property means taking care of all of its constituents. Building owners can rest easy knowing that Mitec has the services and infrastructure, the products and technology – all backed by great people and outstanding responsiveness.

Our aim is to help everyone on your team do their job better and to make their lives easier.