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Our focus

We set out to build a different company from all the other fire and property protection firms out there. That difference starts with our focus, but is also supported by our culture, people, process and technology. After 30 years in business, the Mitec name is associated with a world-class reputation of both leading-edge technology and high-touch service.

Some history

Founded in 1989, Mitec is a full-service fire and property protection company based just outside of Atlanta, Georgia. We opened our first remote office in Dallas, Texas, in 1995 and have since opened additional offices to serve the Southeast and Southwest United States.

While inspection and testing remain the heart of our business, in 1993 we introduced complete system engineering, design and installation services. Mitec is certified by UL (Underwriter's Laboratory) as a Listed Installation Company, and affiliations with manufacturers have enabled us to offer the finest equipment to our customers to complement our installation services.

Through the years Mitec has grown to service nearly 10,000 office buildings, hospitals, schools and other commercial facilities in the United States. Our inspection services have proven to be the key to protecting building owners’ liability through accurate reporting of the condition of their fire and property protection systems. While we often start with inspections, over time we help our customers upgrade to new technology, repair existing systems and install a new system if necessary. Our goal is always to be their total services provider for the life of their property.

From culture to results

Our focus on inspection and reporting has helped us garner a 95 percent customer retention rate — 50 percent higher than the industry average. Customers come to us because they need to stay in compliance. But the service they receive is the reason they trust us for life.

Experience Mitec and let us exceed your expectations. Every time.