Easy to do business with

The right process coupled with the right technology makes it easy for organizations to do business with Mitec. For example, we:

  • provide our customers one point of contact through a single account manager
  • do not require a minimum amount of work for a standard service call
  • ensure our reporting tools are easy to use

Experience with BuildingReports®

Mitec has invested in hand-held technology and the latest and broadest compliance reporting solution available – the industry-leading BuildingReports solution. This ensures you have instant online access to all your building reporting information. We pioneered adoption of this leading technology more than a decade ago – and no service provider has more experience with BuildingReports than Mitec.

Intelligent reporting system

The intelligent reporting system ensures that all devices are being scanned properly, and that inspectors are spending time doing what they are supposed to be doing: inspecting and documenting! It also provides anytime, anywhere access to the detailed fire alarm inspection information you need.

Real-time reporting

Mitec's online reporting gives you immediate notification of system discrepancies, along with applicable code references, items recalled by manufacturers and proposed solutions. That way, you have the information you need to make the rights decisions for your business.

At Mitec, we pride ourselves on being responsive, and our goal is to make sure you stay with us forever – not because you have to, but because you want to. Over time, we hope you come to view us not as a vendor, but as a long-term partner built on a strong relationship.