Focused on inspection

We understand that getting the system running is not the battle – keeping it running efficiently and in compliance for decades afterwards, is. But where other companies see inspection as a burden, for Mitec, it's an opportunity to serve you every year, ensuring your property and technology has been inspected and tested to the highest industry standards. We invest in our people, technology and processes with the goal of supporting our customers for life. With access to the best compliance reporting, advanced scheduling and inspection preparation in the industry, you are assured plenty of time to provide the authorities having jurisdiction with accurate, complete compliance reports.

Compliance reporting

The use of handheld technology allows Mitec to inspect your entire fire protection system and immediately transmit the completed report to secure servers. You can then view, download or print BuildingReports® online reporting anytime, and from anywhere. Our ongoing inspection program also includes online storage of your most critical inspection records through RecordSafe™.

Advanced scheduling

Advanced scheduling – typically 30 days prior to your inspection – is provided using convenient online tools, such as iCalendar. The iCalendar appointment is sent via email to your registered email address, and with just a click, your own calendar is updated with the time and date of the scheduled inspection.

Preparing for inspection

We will send you a comprehensive inspection packet ahead of time –  with all the instructions you will need to prepare for your upcoming inspection, including an inspection memo you can use to notify tenants and other building occupants in advance.