Around-the-clock monitoring

Mitec offers 24x7 monitoring for all of your most critical systems. Our UL-listed monitoring systems are capable of supervising fire alarm, suppression, security and virtually any other system in your facility. We can instantly notify you, your local fire, police and ambulatory services, or anyone you wish, utilizing a variety of communications devices, including wireless.

Control Center and Emergency Service Network

Call-up list changes, facility updates and more are all handled through Mitec’s Control Center. Rather than passively monitoring signals, our Control Center actively identifies possible trouble conditions and notifies you immediately of any abnormal system states. Should such a system condition arise, Mitec's Emergency Service Network (ESN) is available around the clock, giving you immediate access to one of our qualified engineers.


Also included as part of your monitoring service is the archiving of all monitoring data within Mitec's RecordSafe™ service. This central source for all of your building data ensures you exceed all code requirements for maintaining your property's historical data.